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The Walking Dead Season 5: "A Lot of Deaths" Coming, in Response to Season 4?

Wetpaint: The Walking Dead's “No One Is Safe” mantra has been beaten into our heads for four seasons now, so we're always ready to predict, then mourn, more major deaths. Should we stop worrying — or amp the fear up to 11 for Season 5? No one wants the show ...

AMC 'The Walking Dead' TV Show Premiere: Robert Kirkman Has Season 5

Latin Post: The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and his team already know what's in store for season 5. On Friday, Kirkman discussed how he planned to top season 4, which he describes as "the strongest of the show so far." "I think five is going to continue ...

'Games of Thrones' Season 4 Episode 2 Breaks Torrent Records. Big Time.

Games of Thrones season 4 episode 2 - The Lion and the Rose - broke torrent records for most people simultaneously sharing a file through BitTorrent,...

Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Cannibals at Terminus? New Character May Hold Answer

Are the people of Terminus cannibals? That's the biggest question left hanging after The Walking Dead's season 4 finale.

The Walking Dead: Analysis of Pivotal Terminus Scene — Clues From Season 4

Wetpaint: If there's any piece of The Walking Dead Season 4 you should re-watch religiously before Season 5 premieres in October, it's the section at Terminus. AMC posted a three-minute video from finale Episode 16, "A," starting with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln ...

The Walking Dead Season 5: Emily Kinney Meets With the Writers! (PHOTO)

Wetpaint: Daryl Dixon's (Norman Reedus) newest pal was seemingly kidnapped in Season 4, Episode 13: “Alone” after the house/funeral home the duo was crashing in was overrun by walkers. Beth ran outside at Daryl's insistence, and after fighting his way through ...

TV Ratings: 'Mad Men' Takes a Hit in Return, Fetches 2.3 Million Viewers

The final season gets off to a smaller start, shedding more than 1 million viewers and posting its lowest premiere ratings since the sophomore opener in 2008. read more

'The Walking Dead' Season 5, Episode 1 Spoilers: New Character in Premiere

In "The Walking Dead" Season 4 finale Episode, Rick bit Joe (Jeff Kober) in the neck and killed him, later he slashed a marauder who tried to molest Carl. The finale showed a new Rick Grimes to Michonne and Carl. He is no more the old Rick but a new ...


The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Is Already "Nailed Down, " All Scripts

Wetpaint: After the Season 4 finale aired on March 30, Alanna Masterson told Entertainment Weekly she knew literally nothing about Season 5, since she still hadn't seen a single script. That will soon change. In an April 11 interview with, comic book ...

Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Is Terminus Home of Comic's Cannibalistic

Christian Post: "The Walking Dead" season 4 ended on a bit of a cliff hanger, and now as season 5 waits in the wings, the creators of the show are hinting at what is to come next. walking Dead. (PHOTO: AMC). The Walking Dead Season 4 Poster. Related ...

The Walking Dead Season 5: Rick “Seriously” Distrusts Eugene, But Is He Their

Wetpaint: Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) only crossed paths for a few seconds during the Season 4 finale of The Walking Dead, but Andy says his character is already suspicious of this so-called “doctor” who we know has claimed to ...

The Walking Dead Season 4 Report Card: B- - TV Fanatic

What grade would you give The Walking Dead Season 4 ? We run it down in the latest TV Fanatic report card.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Episode 16: 'A' | Crooks

Here's a full recap of The Walking Dead's Season 4 Finale Episode 15: 'A'


'Walking Dead' Season 5 Spoilers: Cannibals At Terminus Confirmed? New

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do NOT continue reading unless you watched the Season 4 finale of “The Walking Dead.” Since Season 4 of “The Walking Dead” ended, fans have been speculating about the horrors at Terminus. Based on the comics and a ...

'The Walking Dead' Stars Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and Others Have No

They are stuck in the Terminus and they have no idea how to make an exit from the creepy place. Rick Grimes and others were last seen in "The Walking Dead" season 4 finale episode in a train car. If fans are wondering what will happen next and how they ...

' Walking Dead ' Season 4 Finale Sets Ratings Record; Cast Offers

'The Walking Dead ' season 4 finale sets a new ratings record - and the show's cast and crew reveals new details about what fans can expect in season 5.

Walking Dead Season 4 finale crushes network competition - HitFix

Per AMC, Sundays Walking Dead finale drew 15.7 million viewers, including 10.2 million in the 18-49 demographic. That wrapped up a season that averaged 13.3 million Live+Same Day viewers, including 8.6 million in the ...


'The Walking Dead' Update: Baby Judith can Become the Most Skilled Survivor

After the prison battle in "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 8, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) believed that baby Judith died in the attack. However, she turned out to be the perfect post-apocalypse baby or one can say ...


'Walking Dead' Cast Demands Salary Increases After Massive Season 4 Revenues

Design & Trend: Indeed, "The Walking Dead" is THE most popular show on cable television, averaging an impressive 13.3 million viewers per episode in its fourth season. The finale racked in a mind-blowing 15.7 million viewers, and the season 4 premiere was the most ...

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