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'The Walking Dead' season 4 mid-season finale spoilers The fourth episode of "The Walking Dead" season 4 hasn't even aired yet, but on Oct. 31, Wet Paint already revealed spoilers for the mid-season finale. The episode is titled "Too Far Gone" and it sounds like it is going to be explosive. Warning: If you ...
TV review: “Game of Thrones” starts in on its end game

- 3 weeks ago @ Over its first four seasons, “Game of Thrones” has become a cultural phenomenon (second only to “The Walking Dead”) and weekly, must-see appointment television. The main reason the battle for the Iron Throne has become so popular and enthralling is how it eschews the traditional fantasy narrative. [Season 1 through 4 spoilers ahead].

‘Revenge’ Season 4 Spoilers: Emily And Victoria’s Feud Grows In Episode 19 After Amanda's Identity Was Revealed [RECAP]

- 2 weeks ago @ The Hamptons was buzzing with talk in episode 19 of “Revenge” since Emily (Emily VanCamp) revealed the truth of her identity.

'The Walking Dead' Hid A Hilarious Easter Egg, And 4 Other Facts You Didn't Know

- 2 weeks ago @ Former "Walking Dead" actor David Morrissey, better known as The Governor, may be busy nowadays producing and starring in an "emotional" and "exciting" new show, "The Driver," but it appears he hasn't yet closed his chapter on the hit AMC series.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 1 won't explore the virus' origin story

- 2 weeks ago @ Fans of AMC's The Walking Dead are impatiently awaiting the premiere of the show's upcoming spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead, but producer Robert Kirkman's latest revelations are sure to disappoint some viewers. Find out what he sad to say on the origin ...

Walking Dead


'Mad Men' Death Watch: Who'll Get Killed Off at Sterling Cooper Walking Dead?

Forbes: Throughout the series, the producers of Mad Men have been pretty restrained about sending characters to the Great Hereafter. There was Don/Dick's brother Adam's suicide in Season 1. Anna Draper, who died of cancer in season 4. Lane, of course, who ...

Fear The Walking Dead Season 1: Greg Nicotero reveals huge spoilers The fifth season of AMC's immensely popular The Walking Dead wrapped up in March, with fans now turning their attention towards upcoming spinoff series Fear The Walking Dead. We sat down with executive producer Greg Nicotero to get some exclusive ...

'Game of Thrones, ' 'Mad Men, ' 'Walking Dead': Everyone talks about them. How

(Note: Just for context with broadcast TV — a totally different world than cable — “NCIS,” one of the most-watched series in the country, will get an average of 20 million viewers a week once you factor in DVR ratings. Also, while HBO and Showtime ...

The Bloody Norman Reedus Moment The Walking Dead Season 5 Cut Out

Cinema Blend: As The Walking Dead's resident ne'er do well badass, Daryl Dixon is featured in many of the show's more intense sequences. And sometimes, the physical danger is all too real, even if zombies aren't the cause. Actor Norman Reedus recently spoke about ...

Fear the Walking Dead News: Elizabeth Rodriguez Joins Cast

Den of Geek!: And there may be some things that are discovered in the companion show that haven't been discovered in the other show yet. So there could be like a thing where, 'Oh, they encountered a zombie in season 4 in The Walking Dead that could do this and now ...

Hulu Will Stream Fear the Walking Dead and Future AMC Scripted Series

TIME: Online streaming service Hulu acquired the exclusive subscription video on demand rights to new and upcoming primetime scripted series from AMC, IFC, BCC America, SundanceTV and WE tv, the digital platform announced Wednesday. This will include ...

'The Walking Dead' Season 6 SPOILERS: Filming Start Date, Alexandria Safe

Design & Trend: (Photo: AMC/Facebook) "The Walking Dead" cast will be headed back to Georgia next week to start filming season 6 of the AMC drama. Not much is known about the upcoming episodes, but ... "The Walking Dead" season 5 finale just aired, but cast and crew ...

Hulu will stream Fear the Walking Dead and future AMC scripted series exclusively

Online streaming service Hulu acquired the exclusive subscription video on demand rights to new and upcoming primetime scripted series from AMC, IFC, BCC America, SundanceTV and WE tv, the digital platform announced Wednesday. This will include ...


The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere, Cast Update: Norman Reedus debunks

Venture Capital Post: This would be a good opportunity for viewers to hear news about The Walking Dead season 6, especially the official premiere schedule and the trailer. Season 5 scoop was served up during this event so viewers are hoping to receive the same info this year.

The Walking Dead Season 6: Greg Nicotero reveals huge spoilers (EXCLUSIVE) The sixth season of AMC's The Walking Dead is set to premiere later this year, but for those of you who can't wait for your next dose of undead action, take a look at our exclusive interview with co-executive producer Greg Nicotero. Warning: spoiler alert.

'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Netflix Release Date: Fans May Have To Wait Seasons 2, 3 and 4 of The Walking Dead were all released late September before the next season was set to premiere. For example, season 4 went live on Netflix on Sept. 28, 2014, just weeks two weeks before The Walking Dead season 5 premiere aired on ...

The Walking Dead Season 6, two new characters revealed! As rumors of the deaths of fan favorites Glenn Rhee and Daryl Dixon continue to put The Walking Dead fans on edge, viewers can expect to see some new faces being thrown into the mix when Season 6 premieres. Read on to find out more about these new ...

Four Reasons Why The Walking Dead Season 5 Was the

It's been about a week since the season finale of The Walking Dead , and I've had plenty of time to reflect on both the most recent 16 episodes and the series as a whole. For me, personally, The Walking Dead has always been ... If you ask most fans, the two biggest offenders in this department are the show's entire second season and the decision to extend the Governor storyline through the middle of Season 4 . As I mentioned before, I've really enjoyed every season ...

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15 Try - Who are the 4 Graves

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15 Try - Who are the 4 Graves For? T2 Q and A 1! Alright what's going on guys it's Trev back again here to bring you anothe...

The Walking Dead season five, episode 14: Spend – recap

this blog is published after The Walking Dead airs on AMC in the US on Sundays. Do not read on unless you have watched season five, episode 14 (which airs in the UK on Fox on Mondays). The Walking Dead  ...


'The Walking Dead:' 5 Dead Characters We Want To Return In Season 6 After

Design & Trend: Hershel made his biggest mark in season 4 of "The Walking Dead," but he's been a beloved series character since season 2. Throughout the duration of his final batch of episodes, he convinced Rick that his sanity and human kindness are never gone forever.


'Walking Dead' season 6 cast news and plot spoilers: Norman Reedus denies

ChristianToday: Fans of "The Walking Dead" are eager to find out what the post-apocalyptic drama has in store for them, even before the camera starts to roll on May 4 for season 6. Just recently, some fans of the show were worried about the future of one of the most ...

Norman Reedus Shoots Stoned Saturday Night Live Star Pete Davidson, Mistaking Him For a Zombie: Watch the Funny Moment!

Zombie apocalypse or group of stoners? Saturday Night Live’s “Resident Young Person&rdqu[...]


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